Two cooked burger patties next to potato wedges
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The Mixing Bowl Hack For Evenly Sized Burgers Every Time
To make evenly-sized burgers, you can use your hand to divide your ground meat mixture into equal portions, following a diagonal pattern similar to how you would cut a pie.
Divide the meat with your hand into equal "slices" until you have as many portions as you need. This way, you’ll be working with the same amount of meat for every burger.
Equal sizes will also help your patties cook more evenly and, roughly, at the same rate. Chef Rachael Ray, a firm believer in this trick, also has additional tips.
Ray recommends making the edges of your patties a little thicker and the middle thinner, so the edges don't burn as the burgers cook while the inside remains raw.
Meat with more fat will produce a juicier burger, but also causes greater shrinkage as the patties cook, so form your burgers to be a little bigger than your burger buns.