A hand holding a roll of parchment paper
The Mistake We've All Been Making When Tearing Parchment Paper
Failing to tuck the cardboard flap back into the box before tearing the parchment paper off the roll is a common mistake that can cause your parchment to have jagged borders.
With jagged borders, you'll have to take extra time to cut the edges to properly line a baking tin. Straight edges also make for a much prettier presentation when wrapping foods.
To tear parchment in a straight line, neatly open the box, taking care to avoid ripping it, and pull out as much parchment as you need while the cylinder sits in the box.
Tuck the flap back in so the roll is contained and the paper is hanging out. Grip the box with one hand and use the other to tear the paper at a slight angle against the edge.
The flap will hold the paper down to create some resistance and allow you to initiate a precise tear as you run it along the 'teeth', creating a straight piece of parchment.