Close up of a Philadelphia cheesesteak whiz wit sandwich, with onions and Whiz cheese
The Mistake To Steer Clear Of When Prepping Onions For Cheesesteaks
While all the ingredients in a Philly cheesesteak are important, it’s the onions that supply much of the flavor. For best results, avoid this onion-cutting mistake.
Don't cut the onions into chunks. Instead, you’ll want your onions to be thinly sliced so they cook more evenly and balance the structure of the sandwich.
You can get a more even distribution when you slice your onions thinly and mix them with the beef, which is also sliced thin to match. You'll get some onions in every bite.
Each component of a cheesesteak is also meant to be cooked quickly. Thinly slicing the onions means they'll cook faster and take on a hint of caramelization in no time.