French fries potato wedges in recycled kraft paper bag on wooden old background
The Mistake That's Leading To Soggy Baked Fries
When it comes to baking fries in the oven, they tend to come out soggy. To ensure crispy baked fries, avoid putting the sliced potatoes in the oven while they're still wet.
If you wash potatoes and don't give them enough time to dry, the excess moisture on their surfaces will lead to the fries steaming rather than browning and crisping.
Many fry recipes call for soaking the cut potatoes in water to remove extra starch, which can result in crispier fries. However, this hack will fail if you don't dry them properly.
To avoid this mistake, pat your raw fries dry before letting them sit between clean cloths or paper towels. Then, go ahead and add your seasoning before placing them in the oven.