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The Minute-By-Minute Breakdown You Need For Boiled Eggs
Boiling eggs seems like it should be easy, but many novice and experienced cooks know that a lot can go awry: the eggs crack in the water, the insides overcook, or the shells are impossible to peel off. Starting the cooking process the right way is the key to making perfect boiled eggs in a matter of minutes, not a frustrating hour.
When boiling eggs, the yolks can set in as little as four minutes, and every minute after that creates a differently-texture egg. Start with hot water at a rolling boil, then gently lower cold eggs into the water until they’re completely submerged, which helps ensure that the shells will easily detach later on, and then reduce the heat to a simmer.
To nail the right texture for your eggs, remember that four minutes is usually the minimum, but there is such a thing as boiling your eggs for too long, which turns them gray and rubbery. What's Cooking America says eggs can be simmered for 19 minutes max for a very hard-boiled egg, but there is a quicker and less risky way to judge doneness.
Here’s a quick cheat sheet: boiling eggs for four to six minutes will yield runny, jammy yolks with softer whites, and boiling between six and eight minutes results in firm whites and softer yolks. Between eight and ten minutes, the yolk will set and the whites will firm up, and anything longer than that results in firm yolks and stiff whites.