Vertical image of the growing herb golden marjoram
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The Mild Herb That Deserves A Place In Your Spice Blends
Using spice blends in the kitchen is the perfect way to enhance your cooking experience, and while you can buy them at the store, making your own allows for much more customization. No matter what type of blend you prefer, there is one lesser-known herb that you’ll be adding to all your favorite recipes once you give it a try.
Marjoram is an herb that is closely related to oregano, and has been used both dry and fresh for medicinal and culinary practices over the centuries. It’s described as aromatic and warm-tasting with a lovely sweet undertone that plays well with most other herbs and spices, and fresh marjoram is in season during spring and summer.
Marjoram shines in tomato-based dishes like pizza, pasta, and lasagna, and is even better when added to a spice blend. Try using it in rubs and marinades for seafood and meats or even in homemade salad dressing, and know that this herb is easy to find at your local grocery store or farmers market, if you'd like to try it fresh.