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The Microwave Tip That Won’t Leave Your Food With A Cold Middle
One of the biggest downsides to using a microwave is that it often warms up the outside of your food, but the inside is room temperature at best. You could try stirring your food intermittently while heating it to make it warm throughout, but to avoid heating your meal unevenly in the first place, try using this easy tip.
Along with the electromagnetic radiation that heats up your food, microwaves also generate standing waves, which cancel each other out when they make contact, creating cold spots. Also, if certain elements in your dish absorb heat quicker than others, those sections will come out hot while the rest of your plate may be cold.
To combat these factors that result in uneven heating, try putting your dish on the edge of the microwave's rotating plate instead of in the center. The food will be exposed to a larger surface area in the microwave, and the constant movement will make sure it gets exposed to all the "hot spots" rather than sitting in one of the cold spots.