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The Michelin-Star Restaurant That Blends French And Scottish Tradition
Scotland has worked hard to make a name for itself as a destination for delicious food and drink, and a smattering of Michelin stars have been handed out to restaurants throughout the country. There’s one unique restaurant in northern Edinburgh named The Kitchin that deliciously blends Scottish and French culinary tradition.
Led by chef Tom Kitchin, The Kitchin has been using ingredients sourced from Scotland since opening in 2006. The menu is designed to reflect both Kitchin's classic culinary training and his Scottish heritage, resulting in a modern cuisine colored by French culinary techniques, plus an impressive drink menu with inventive cocktails.
One cocktail features golden beetroot, and dishes currently on the menu include pig’s head, a quince and nutmeg souffle, and entrees with venison, mutton, hare. The Kitchin’s tasteful tartan decor and servers dressed in kilts also makes for a unique atmosphere, and tasting menus featuring seasonal ingredients start at $150.