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The Michelin Chef-Approved Technique For Microwave Mashed Potatoes
When you think about "microwaved" mashed potatoes, a packet of powdered flakes and a bowl of warm water might come to mind. But, according to David Chang, Michelin-starred chef and founder of the world-renowned Momofuku restaurant group, your microwave can actually produce the ultimate mashed potatoes.
Chang shared this technique on his Instagram: he simply peels and chops raw potatoes into medium-sized chunks, seasons them, then microwaves them in a lidded bowl for eight minutes. After microwaving, he adds a few tablespoons of butter and a splash of milk, then mashes with a potato masher.
The key ingredient that takes Chang’s microwave mash to the next level is the seasoning. Momofuku’s Savory Seasoned Salt is a blend of kosher salt, tamari, garlic, kelp, and mushroom powder, and while a four-ounce jar runs for $12, many fans agree that’s a small price to pay for a killer bowl of mash.