Two glasses of martini cocktail garnished with green olives
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The Mexican Martini Combines 2 Classic Cocktails For A Bold Flavor
Classic drinks never go out of style, but they're also some of the most fun cocktails to customize and riff on, with some variants becoming classics in of themselves. Cedar Door Bar in Austin, Texas, claims to have created the Mexican martini, a drink that’s famous for brilliantly combining two classics and creating a new one.
A Mexican martini is a mix of a margarita, which consists of tequila, orange liqueur, lime juice, and agave syrup, and a classic martini, made with gin or vodka, dry vermouth, and occasionally olive juice. The martini lends saltiness and a little bite, while a good margarita offers tanginess tempered with just enough sweetness.
Using tequila as the base, the Mexican martini takes the sweetness of orange and lime from the margarita and combines it with the saltiness of the olive brine used in a martini. It's shaken with ice and the rim is lined with salt, followed by garnishes of lime (from the margarita) and olive (from the martini) adorning the glass.