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The Method Wolfgang Puck Uses To Cook Steak
In a video response to a question from one of his TikTok commenters, celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck shared that when he cooks steak, he makes sure to crank the heat up as high as it'll go. While you might assume that this would ultimately result in a dry steak, Puck clarifies that it is only blasted with heat initially and then cooked low and slow.
However, there is more to it, as Puck revealed in another TikTok video that the key is to use room temperature steak that's properly salted. Once the steak reaches room temperature, Puck generously seasons the meat on both sides and rubs olive oil into it, after which the steak is ready to be put on that high heat.
While you could just as easily do this on a stove, Puck suggests searing the steak over a firewood and charcoal grill instead for the tastiest results. Once the steak is cooked according to your preference, make sure to let it rest for at least 10 minutes before serving.