chocolate candies in a silicone mold
The Messy Mistake You're Making With Silicone Molds
Flexible silicone molds offer fast cleanup and easy removal of cakes and pastries, but some bakers still find cake sticking in the smaller crevices of the most intricate designs.
It's tempting to spray them with non-stick oil spray, but that's a huge, sticky mistake. You may think aerosol oil cans are simply oil, but that's unfortunately not the case.
Non-stick spray contains additives like emulsifiers to create tiny oil drops, preservatives to keep it safe in the can before use, and a propellent to push it out of the container.
All of these additives can build up on the surface of silicone as it bakes and make the surface sticky instead of providing that easy-release texture you expect.
If you think your silicone mold design will need some help releasing cleanly, you can lightly rub the surface with cooking oil or butter, but it shouldn't need it if it's clean.