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The Mess-Free Way To Stir Nut Butter
One drawback of natural nut butter is the need to mix in the oils that pool on top of the jar, due a lack of additives commonly used in mainstream brands that prevent the butter from separating. Here are a few mess-free approaches to stop you from wasting all those paper towels after you stir nut butter.
In this easy method, gravity is your best friend: flip the jar upside down and let the oils make their way back into the mixture and distribute evenly. The only problem with this solution is that the process isn’t speedy, and can take 24 hours to work correctly — meaning you won’t be enjoying the treat straight from the market.
Using an immersion blender or hand mixer on a jar with a wide rim is a quick alternative to the upside-down method, but still saves you time that you'd otherwise spend cleaning. Nut butter is the hardest and most difficult to stir towards the bottom, so we recommend placing the blender or mixer as deeply as possible.