Slices of wholemeal bread with butter
The Mesh Strainer Hack To Swiftly Make Your Cold Butter Spreadable
A cold stick of butter can be a nightmare to spread on your toast, waffles, or bagels. You'll often end up with a mangled end product, and not all butter-softening techniques work.
Softening butter in the microwave is risky and might leave you with a pile of liquid, so try using a fine mesh strainer instead. The strainer acts as a grater for the butter.
Simply hold the strainer over your toast or other goodies and rub the stick of butter back and forth across the mesh, shredding it into thin curls that are easy to spread.
This strainer trick works to soften the butter due to the heat coming from your hands and the friction of moving the stick back and forth across the mesh.
If you don’t have a mesh strainer, you can either use a cheese grater or a vegetable peeler. Either these tools will produce ribbons of butter that are perfect for your breakfast.