Half of ripe organic Cantaloupe melon with seeds and spoon inside over white marble texture background
The Melon-Cutting Tool That Yields Superb Results Every Time
Due to their large size and thick rinds, it can be difficult to cut whole melons into slices or bite-size pieces. A dedicated melon slicer can make things much easier.
Melon slicers are similar to the circular slicers made for fruits like apples, only bigger. They can cut a melon into a dozen slices of the same size, leaving a cylindrical core.
Some melon slicers can measure over 15 inches across, big enough to slice even large watermelons. You can get these tools from places like Target, Walmart, and Amazon.
Before you use the slicer, cut off an inch or so off of both ends of the melon to remove the thickest parts of the rind, making it easy for the slicer to cut through.
Set your melon upright on a sliced-off side, align the melon slicer on top of it, grab the handles, and firmly press down. It should glide through and create perfect slices.