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The Meaty Ingredient That Will Change Your Instant Ramen Forever
Even though instant ramen can be enjoyed on its own, many people have found that by simply adding a few extra ingredients, it can be elevated to a whole new level. Traditional additions to the instant ramen that make it a full meal include an egg, vegetables like spinach, seaweed, or mushrooms, as well as some sort of seafood or meat.
Although Spam may have a reputation as mystery meat that comes in a tin, it is essentially pork with ham and makes a terrific meaty addition to instant ramen. Spam musubis, Hawaii's version of ramen, and spam with instant ramen are also popular morning dishes in Hong Kong and a popular spicy stew in Korea.
On their websites, Maruchan (maker of instant ramen) and Spam provide simple recipes that anyone can try at home: Prepare your instant ramen according to package directions; pan fry several slices of Span until crispy, then cook an egg in the same pan; top a bowl of instant ramen with broth with the crispy spam, fried egg, and sliced green onions.