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The Meaty Difference Between Spiny And Maine Lobsters
Lobster is an entrée often saved for special occasions, and two varieties are most commonly sold in stores: Maine lobsters and spiny lobsters. There are some significant differences between the two — both in terms of appearance and the amount of meat on each species — that you should know before going shopping.
Spiny lobsters (also called rock lobsters) are found off the shores of the southeastern U.S. and are harvested between October and March. They have longer antennas than Maine lobsters, but lack large claws, which is why they’re usually only sold as tails — on the upside, though, their tails have more meat than Maine ones.
Available year-round, Maine lobsters are plentiful in the northeastern coastal waters from Canada to North Carolina, and are often sold whole. There’s lots of meat in their tails and claws and they're sweeter and more tender than spiny lobsters, since the icy cold water they live in prevents them from absorbing too much salt.
Out of the two, Maine lobsters are the species that is considered to be the ultimate lobster delicacy, and is generally the preferred type amongst lobster aficionados. Since Maine lobsters are only found in Atlantic waters and spiny lobsters are available both inside and outside of the United States, Maine lobsters are also more rare.