The Meatball Binding Agent That's Currently In Your Pantry
Instead of breadcrumbs, use crackers as a binder to hold meatballs together for the ideal texture. Crackers' unique composition makes them the perfect binding agent.
Crackers are made from a blend of flour, water, and seasonings and possess starch and gluten that enhance the meatball's texture, holding the mixture together.
They also absorb moisture and additional liquids from the mixture, making meatballs tender and juicy. Try herb-infused or whole wheat crackers to add subtle flavors to your meat.
Crushing crackers provides a fine-textured base that prevents the meat from becoming too dense or tough. Choose your favorite crackers, like saltine, whole wheat, or gluten-free.
Place a handful in a ziplock bag and gently crush them into a fine consistency with a rolling pin or use a food processor. Ensure the crushed crackers aren't too fine or coarse.
Mix them into your meat or plant-based alternative mixture. Pay attention to your seasoning — if you use salted crackers, you may need to tone down the sodium in your recipe.