Roasted lamb meat with meat thermometer
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The Meat Thermometer Mistake That Could Get You Sick
A meat thermometer’s job is to read the internal temperature of meat, so you can be sure that it's cooked to the right temperature and any kind of harmful bacteria has been killed by the heat. A thermometer should absolutely be a part of your kitchen repertoire, but if you're not careful, this handy tool could make you sick.
You can make yourself sick if you test the temperature of meat that's still raw in the center, and don't clean the tip of the thermometer before you test the meat again. Oftentimes, meat is still undercooked when you first test it, and this transfers bacteria onto the thermometer, which can wind up back inside the meat or on your hands.
Meat thermometers must be cleaned between tests, or you could transfer salmonella and other harmful bacteria into your meal. Every time you test the meat, clean the thermometer thoroughly with hot water and dish soap or use an alcohol swab, and make sure to clean it again once your meat is done.