Mince pie  -  scotch pie. Traditional snack in Scotland. Very deliciuos.
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The Meat Pies Fueling Scottish Football Fans
With dishes including haggis and black pudding, Scotland's cuisine hinges on centuries of history and often includes ingredients that are unique to the country. A lesser-known Scottish dish is Scotch pie, which has less of a place in ancient history and a much bigger presence in Scotland's modern-day sports scene.
Scotch pie, a double-crusted pastry filled with mutton, is beloved by Scottish football fans, and this snack is commonly sold at stadiums during matches. The pies are often accompanied by Bovril, a meat extract that can be mixed with hot water to make a sort of beef tea, which is more polarizing than the pie, as you may imagine.
Scotch pies go back to the Middle Ages, where they were considered a luxury, and today, this snack is the most searched-for pie recipe online in the United Kingdom. To make this game day food at home, simply blanket minced mutton, mace, nutmeg, gravy, and seasonings under a hot water pastry crust and bake.