Alcohol cocktail Negroni with sliced orange and basil leaves, served on wooden box over black background.
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The Measuring Mistake That's Ruining Your Negroni
The Negroni only has a few ingredients, but the simpler the cocktail, the easier it is to get it wrong. Claire Nafziger, general manager at Sofia's Roman Pizza in Denver, Colorado, explains to Tasting Table that you can't just wing it when it comes to mixing the ingredients for a Negroni, and eyeballing the amounts will screw up your drink.
Unlike drinks like mimosas or screwdrivers, each component of a Negroni has to be measured very carefully to get the desired outcome. Nafziger tells us that making this type of drink is similar to baking, in that correctly measuring all of your ingredients is the most important step to get the flavor you want, and guesswork just won't do.
Beyond getting the ingredient ratios right, Nafziger also recommends adorning your Negroni with a lemon or orange peel. She also suggests keeping the drink simple by serving it in a rocks glass with a large ice cube, so that the ice will melt much slower and give you ample time to sip on your cocktail without it getting diluted.