The outside of a Trader Joe's grocery store
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The Meaning Behind The 'Try Anything' Policy At Trader Joe's
With all the new products at Trader Joe’s, trying new things can be risky. Luckily, TJ's has a bylaw that gives customers a leg up while shopping: their "Try Anything" policy.
The “Try Anything” policy allows you to sample a product before buying it. Store employees are encouraged to let you try ready-to-eat items like salads, chips, and more.
Some items cannot be sampled, like beer, wine, raw meat, and frozen foods. As for most other foods, you might as well ask, and whatever you don't finish will be given to staff.
It’s best to try this on days when employees aren’t running around trying to help other customers, but on a slow day, it's perfectly reasonable to ask to sample an item or two.