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The Mayonnaise Brand Julia Child Used For Tuna Salad
Julia Child used only the best and nothing less when it came to mayonnaise, and she had two ingredients necessary for making the perfect tuna salad, never to be substituted. Despite having her own recipe for homemade mayonnaise, Julia preferred Hellmann's mayonnaise for her tuna salad.
Perhaps she preferred it because it is creamy and the best, according to their slogan coined in 1987. The controversy around her choice of mayonnaise is ongoing, probably because many people prefer Duke's mayonnaise instead, whereas some chefs like Rachel Ray prefer to avoid the shelf-stable condiment altogether.
Julia did not compromise or substitute two ingredients for her tuna recipe, and you shouldn't either. The Kitchn notes that, according to Child, oil-packed tuna and Hellmann's mayonnaise are non-negotiable ingredients, because tuna in oil has a richer taste, it is moister, and it's filled with healthy fats like Omega-3 fatty acids.