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The Mayo Brand You Need For Momofuku-Worthy Grilled Cheese
Grilled cheese is a comfort food that appeals to everyone, especially because you can use different cheeses and breads to suit your personal tastes. However, if you really want to elevate your grilled cheese, consider buying this special brand of Japanese mayonnaise used by the chef at the world-famous restaurant Momofuku.
Umami is the Japanese word for “savory” and has been a culinary buzzword for some time, and some say it counts as its own flavor, just like sweet or salty. The Japanese mayo Kewpie has a rich, eggy flavor that is heavy on the much-coveted umami, and its sweet and tangy notes make it an invaluable ingredient to Momofuku chef Paul Carmichael.
To make Carmichael’s grilled cheese, spread Kewpie mayo on one side of the bread and spread salted butter on the other, making sure the Kewpie is on the outside when you put your cheesy sandwich in the hot pan. You’ll end up with a crispy, warm, gooey, super-savory sandwich that will no doubt make you crazy for seconds.