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The Maximum Amount Of Spinach You Can Safely Eat Each Week
Spinach is a powerhouse of nutrition and positive health benefits, rich in vitamins, minerals and essential nutrients; it helps to reduce blood pressure and oxidative stress, and may even help prevent cancer. But there can also be side effects for those who eat an excess of the leafy green vegetable.
Too much spinach, whether fresh or cooked, can lead to mineral deficiency, as well as other problems, due to the high levels of oxalic acid and purines in spinach. Excessive consumption can also cause digestive issues and allergic reactions, and pose problems for those using blood-thinning medications (due to spinach's high K1 vitamin content).
While it's hard to find authoritative limits for spinach consumption, a bowl a day, a moderate amount, is safe for most people. However, those with specific conditions and under specific medications, and those at a risk for kidney stones or taking blood thinners should consult their healthcare provider before eating large amounts.