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The Maximum Amount Of Milk You Should Drink In A Day
From a young age, most of us are told that milk is an excellent source of calcium and the best beverage to help build strong bones. Milk also helps to rebuild muscle tissue, maintain strong teeth, and keep one's nervous system working correctly, but it is possible to overdo it, and there's a limit on how much milk you should drink daily.
Too much milk which can lead to digestive issues and an overload of nutrients, which is a very real issue, though it sounds strange. The USDA recommends up to three glasses of milk per day for adults, while the amount varies for children; two cups are permissible between ages two and three, and 2 ½ cups between ages four and eight.
Too much milk can also lead to excess weight gain because of its high saturated fat, sugar, and calorie content; there are about 608 calories in four glasses of whole milk. Healthline also notes that 70% of adults cannot fully process lactose, or milk sugars, meaning they could undergo painful side effects from excess milk consumption.