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The Massive Amount Of Butter Joël Robuchon Used For Mashed Potatoes
Jöel Robuchon's purée de pomme is known as the most famous mashed potato recipe in the world, per Food 52. Robuchon's creamy mashed potatoes contain a two-to-one ratio of potato to butter — that’s a half-pound, or two sticks, of butter for every pound of potatoes — for that rich, restaurant-quality dish.
Food 52 also recommends using the right spud, as the type of potato you use affects the texture of the mash. To create an airy, fluffy dish, go with Yukon Gold or even Russet potatoes, but avoid fingerlings and red potatoes as these potato types are waxy and make for a dense mash.
To make Robuchon's purée de pomme, boil the potatoes with the skins intact. Allow the potatoes to cool a little before peeling them, then run them through a food mill at the finest setting, and return them to the pot. Stir the butter into the spuds in five different additions, add the milk, and season with salt.