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The Mashed Potato Portion Tip To Abide By For Thanksgiving
While everyone has their favorite Thanksgiving side dish, there are a few big contenders for the most popular side of all, including mashed potatoes. Potatoes perfectly complement any Thanksgiving spread, but if you're worried about making too much or too little mash, this is how to make sure you cook enough for each guest.
To make sure everyone at your Thanksgiving table gets a hearty portion of mashed potatoes, buy and cook one large potato per guest. One potato produces about a ¾ cup of mash on average, which is a good amount for each guest, and even if the potatoes you buy vary in size, it all tends to even out when you mash them together.
As for the best potato to use, Yukon Golds are the way to go for a rich texture, naturally buttery flavor, and the perfect level of starch, but if you prefer a light and fluffy mash, try a baking potato, like russets or Idahos. Remember that even if you make more mash than everyone can eat, leftovers are one of the best parts of Thanksgiving.