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The Marble Tool That's Ruining The Flavor Of Your Crushed Garlic
Garlic is perhaps one of the most versatile flavors, and it can be found in cuisines worldwide. A testament to its popularity is how many forms it’s available in, from powdered and granulated to roasted, jarred, or even fermented, but if you prefer freshly crushed garlic remember to avoid this popular kitchen tool, which neutralizes garlic's flavor.
As you chop garlic, you might notice that its signature scent becomes stronger the more you chop since its flavor and aroma are freed thanks to the enzymes produced as the garlic tissue breaks down. Thus it might seem like a mortar and pestle is the best way to maximize your flavor, but if you’re using one made of marble, the opposite is true.
Marble mortar and pestles have a negative impact on the flavor and aroma of garlic because marble is made of highly pressurized calcium carbonate, which is alkaline. Since much of garlic's flavor comes from its natural acidity and the alkalinity of calcium carbonate neutralizes this acidity, using a marble mortar and pestle will diminish garlic's flavor.