Round dish of scalloped potatoes
The Major Error To Avoid With Scalloped Potatoes For Creamy Results
Scalloped potatoes are an all-time great comfort food and relatively easy to make. However, a common mistake during preparation may leave you with lackluster results.
It may seem convenient to cut your potatoes in advance, then store them in water to preserve them while you work on the sauce, but this can ruin the creamy texture of the dish.
Some recipes call for soaking the spuds, but if you're making traditional scalloped potatoes that don't use heavy cream or cheese, you want to keep the starch on the potatoes.
Soaking removes the potatoes' starches, and the right amount of starch is vital for thickening the sauce and making it creamy, especially if you're mainly using milk in your sauce.
You need the starches on the sliced potatoes' surface for a creamy casserole. Don't soak and store them in water, and you'll be pleased with the way they thicken up the sauce.