A bowl of tomato soup with a leek garnish
The Major Cooking Mistake That Ruins Tomato Soup Every Time
While tomato soup is simple to make, but you can ruin the dish when using fresh ingredients if you forget to do this one crucial step.
To make this classic, you need to ensure that your tomatoes are not undercooked or they won’t blend properly to create that smooth texture that is synonymous with tomato soup.
Roasting the tomatoes first will caramelize their sugars, add a smoky, sweet taste, and make them easier to break down and blend with your immersion blender.
It only takes about 30 minutes to roast the tomatoes. You’ll know they are ready when the skins are easily removable, and the fruit looks soft, shiny, and jammy.
Place tomatoes and garlic cloves on a sheet pan and sprinkle with salt and herbs like thyme, basil, or oregano to infuse the flavors as they roast.