Homemade Cheesy Potatoes Gratin in a Pan
The Main Ingredient To Possibly Blame For Watery Scalloped Potatoes
If you’ve ever scooped a serving of scalloped potatoes, only to find that your sauce seems diluted and watery, the spuds you use might be the culprit.
Potato breeds such as red bliss, blue and purple potatoes, and fingerlings are waxy with low starch and relatively high moisture, and will water down your casserole as it cooks.
Also, canned or pre-sliced potatoes are convenient, but the preservatives used to process them make them release a lot of moisture, which can make sauces break and separate.
Yukon Gold and russet potatoes are better choices, with a lower water and high starch content that thickens the sauce in scalloped potatoes and helps it adhere to the sliced spuds.
Even when using low-moisture potatoes, be sure to pat all the slices dry with a paper towel before layering them in the dish to ensure a nice and thick sauce.