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The Main Factor That Dictates Whether Your Steak Will Be Tender Or Tough
No matter which type of steak you cook, you want it to turn out tender, since no one enjoys a tough piece of meat. There are a few things that can affect the way your steak turns out, but before you even bring your steak home and cook it, one factor has already determined the inherent tenderness of the meat.
The most widely-preferred cuts of steak, such as a filet from the loin or a sirloin from the back, are cut from areas in the cow that aren't hard at work during the animal's lifespan. The harder a muscle works, the tougher it gets, so fatty areas with muscles that aren't quite as active are more tender when butchered and cooked.
Cheaper cuts, which come from areas on the cow that help it walk, graze, and more, are always tougher pieces of meat, but there's no need to avoid them. They tend to have a lot of flavor and just need to be cooked low and slow, compared to a tender filet mignon that cooks within minutes on the grill or stovetop.