Typical spanish bombon coffee on black background with condensed milk
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The Luxuriously Layered Spanish Coffee You Need To Know
Coffee has become a culture in and of itself, with diehard java fans seeking out every kind of coffee drink they can get their hands on; the rarer, the better. Coffee fanatics visiting Spain can enjoy a mild leche manchada, made of mostly milk with a drop of coffee, or a stronger and sweeter drink with stunning visual appeal.
The café Bombón is made of just two ingredients in equal parts: Espresso and sweetened condensed milk. The drink features a creamy white layer of condensed milk on the bottom, a black layer of freshly-pulled espresso in the middle, and a creamy caramel-colored layer on top that comes from the coffee's crema, or foam.
The café Bombón is meant to be stirred before drinking, and is rich, robust, and pleasantly sweet. While the drink is believed to come from Valencia, you can get a similar flavor by making strong Vietnamese coffee in the pour-over style (which is easier to find in the United States) and combining it with sweetened condensed milk.