MEDFIELD, MA - JULY 2: Pan-seared scallops: parsnip puree, summer vegetables succotash, and corn veloute from Zebra's in Medfield, photographed on July 2, 2013. (Photo by Essdras M Suarez/The Boston Globe via Getty Images)
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The Luxurious Ingredient You Should Be Using To Finish Pan Sauces
A rich pan sauce is one of the best ways to finish off seared meats, with a savory flavor derived from the browned meaty bits that have been left behind in the pan. However, if your sauce is runny and doesn’t look as decadent as ones served at restaurants, try using this essential ingredient to create pan sauce perfection.
Monter au beurre, meaning “mount with butter,” is a classic French technique for finishing a pan sauce by mixing in a few pats of cold butter before serving. You must use cold butter only, and in order to avoid a burnt or broken sauce, the pan should not be returned to the heat after you mix in the butter.
Finishing a pan sauce with butter adds a rich, creamy flavor with a hint of sweetness that elevates the other ingredients. Since butter is also a natural emulsifier, it further enhances the velvety texture and luxurious mouth feel of the sauce while also adding a glossy sheen for an appealing presentation.