Fried bacon in a pan
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The Low And Slow Frying Method For Getting 100% Of The Bacon Fat
Bacon grease can be a nuisance to clean up, and it might be better to save it and use it in other recipes. There's an easy way to extract as much fat as possible from your bacon.
To extract bacon fat, you’ll need to render it. Rendering is the process of slowly cooking meat to release as much fat as possible, which is then stored and used in other recipes.
Start with several slices of bacon in a cold pan, then slowly raise the temperature until they're cooking at low heat, and the fat will start to dissolve, leaving crispy bacon.
Once rendered, strain the grease to remove any burnt bacon bits, store in a covered container, and then freeze or refrigerate it for up to three months.
For the best bacon grease, use fatty, unflavored bacon, and choose nitrate-free bacon to reduce the risk of carcinogens.
Once rendered, the grease can be used in place of butter or oil in things like popcorn, veggies, or even cookies, to impart a unique, smoky flavor to these dishes.