Anthony Bourdain
The London Restaurant Anthony Bourdain Said Was The Total Package
The late Anthony Bourdain was one of the most well-known and well-traveled celebrity chefs in the world, and when in London, his restaurant of choice was St. John.
St. John was founded by Trevor Gulliver, Fergus Henderson, and Jon Spiteri. Bourdain said, “I loved absolutely everything about it: the attitude, the look, the food, the wine.”
Bourdain became good friends with Chef Henderson and visited the restaurant every time he was in London. He had a particular adoration for Henderson's famous roasted bone marrow.
Speaking of the restaurant's marrow dish, Bourdain said, “[It's] simple, austere yet luxurious. It's basically a three- or four-ingredient dish, totally without pretense.”
Beyond Henderson’s food at St. John, Bourdain had immense admiration for him as a person. He called Henderson loyal and free of vanity, and praised his ability to never stop going.