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The London Fog Tea Drink Was Created To Cure Morning Sickness
The London Fog is a concoction of Earl Grey tea, milk, and vanilla syrup, topped with steamed milk, and a sprinkling of lavender. This unique drink is a fixture of almost every specialty coffee/tea house in the country, and it’s all thanks to morning sickness messing up one pregnant Canadian woman's morning routine.
In Vancouver, during the mid-1990s, Mary Loria's morning sickness was preventing her from enjoying lattes from her favorite spot, the Buckwheat Café. Believing that the citrus flavor of Early Grey would help, Loria asked her barista to steep the tea in warmed skim milk, and added some vanilla sugar afterwards.
Sure enough, the drink eased her nausea, and while other cafés have disputed this story, many tea drinkers acknowledge Loria as the creator of the London Fog. Although Loria returned to enjoying coffee after her pregnancy, her creation spread and grew in popularity to become the drink we all cherish today.