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The Lesser-Appreciated Pan To Substitute For Cast Iron
While cast iron pans are incredibly versatile and virtually indestructible, they’re also incredibly heavy and often require special maintenance if you want to keep them in peak condition and prevent rust. However, there’s one kitchen tool that’s a little easier to handle than the cast iron pan and can perfectly work as its substitute.
Carbon steel pans, made with a combination of iron and carbon, not only heat up and cool down more quickly than cast iron, but are significantly lighter for cooks who struggle with arm strength. Weighing around two to six pounds, these thinner pans heat more evenly as well, making them a more popular choice in many restaurants.
Although carbon steel has an advantage in weight and cooking times, it is still prone to rust if not cared for, and needs to be regularly seasoned with oil in order to maintain its non-stick properties. Plus, carbon steel costs more than the cast iron, starting at around $45 as opposed to $25 for cast iron, according to Hungry Huy.