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The Legendary Ben & Jerry’s Flavor That Beats All Others Year After Year
Given the quirky names and loaded-up flavors that Ben & Jerry’s is now associated with, it might surprise you that their first ice cream flavor was vanilla. After the release of their first mixed flavor, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, other new and interesting mixtures quickly followed, but there’s one concoction that customers seem to love best.
While popular Ben & Jerry’s flavors vary by region, there’s one flavor that is popular regardless of location. In Ben & Jerry’s yearly list of top-selling flavors, Half Baked claimed the top spot in both 2020 and 2021, tempting customers with chunks of unbaked cookie dough, gooey brownie bites, and crisp chocolate chips all swirled into both chocolate and vanilla ice creams.
If the sales data isn’t enough to convince you, Parade has raved about Half Baked ice cream, describing it as “total ice cream magic.” Along with Half Baked, Cherry Garcia remains one of the company’s most popular ice creams, and it has nabbed a top-three spot on the list ever since it hit shelves back in 1987.