Japanese wagyu ribeye beef steak on gray background
The Leaner Cut Of Steak You Can Utilize In Place Of Ribeye
Ribeye is one of the most flavorful, beefy steaks, but rump steak is a leaner cut that, with the right cooking technique, you can turn into something nearly as flavorful and juicy.
Sometimes called a round steak or bottom round, rump steak is cut from the rear of the cow and is lean and tough, but the cuts are tasty and incredibly affordable.
To turn a rump cut into a sliceable steak, you can use a meat mallet to tear up the rump's tough muscle fibers. It works best if you are going to be cooking a thinner steak.
If you want to keep the flavors simple, a dry brine done by rubbing salt on the steak will absorb into the meat, which dissolves the proteins and helps keep the steak juicy.
Marinades will work similarly to a dry rub as long as they include an acidic element like citrus, wine, or vinegar, because that is what will tenderize the steak.
You can also use a slow-cook method. Sous-vide or braise your steak until it's just short of your target temperature to break down the muscles and keep your steak moist.