Butter tarts stacked on a plate
The Layering Tip To Follow When Making Butter Tarts
Butter tarts, an iconic Canadian treat, vary widely. Some prefer to bake the sugar, egg, and butter filling in the small pastry crusts until firm, while others like it gooier.
Yet more butter tart aficionados like to add raisins, currants, and even nuts for extra texture and flavor. If this sounds good to you, keep proper assembly of the tarts in mind.
To prevent them from burning, always place fruit and nuts underneath the filling in butter tarts. Start by rolling out pie crust a little thinner than you would for other tarts.
This thinness provides a better filling-to-crust ratio. Add pieces of crust to a mini tart pan and chill it before adding the fruit and nuts, then spoon in the filling mixture.
We recommend toasting nuts, rehydrating dry fruit, and softening raisins in the microwave before use. Make sure they're covered by the filling, then bake your tarts and enjoy.