Tree shaped wine corks on green background
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The Last Thing You Should Do Before Throwing Your Wine Cork Away
Though you may typically throw away your wine corks after using them once or twice to reseal bottles, there's a clever way to put these plugs to good use as a cooking hack.
Since many metal pots and the accompanying lids can become quite hot, touching them barehanded isn't wise, so affixing a cork under the pot lid’s handle can come in handy.
Wine corks can provide an easy-to-grip and cool-to-the-touch handle to avoid coming into direct contact with a scorching lid, but some corks work better than others.
Traditional corks are ideal in comparison to synthetic corks, which are less aesthetic and result in a grip that's not as secure due to the material they're made with.
You can use a standard wine cork, but a sparkling wine cork will be your best option due to its much thicker shape, which will fit under the handle more snugly.