Ceramic dinner plates stacked in a tall pile
The Last Thing To Do Before Tossing Old Dinnerware
Before you throw away your old dinnerware, consider keeping it for storage needs instead. An old plate can easily take the place of Saran wrap or cling film.
An important pillar of sustainability in the kitchen is cutting down on waste. If you are using plastic wrap to store your leftovers regularly, this trash really adds up over time.
Although Tupperware or Pyrex storage containers are reliable, using what you already have, such as old dinnerware, is the best option for the environment.
While it would be hard to store large quantities of food this way, when you have a plateful or less of something leftover, covering it with an old dish on top of it works like a charm.
Make sure to only use dishes that are in good enough condition. If they have cracks or chips, you might risk hurting yourself.