Packaged wine bottle isolated on white background. Photo with clipping path.
The Last Thing To Do Before Tossing Empty Wine Bottles
Use leftover wine bottles for decanting homemade oils and vinegars. Not only is this thrifty, but it also means you can have matching bottles that you get to design yourself.
Paint a smear of chalkboard paint across the bottle and you could reuse them for storing different contents again and again. All your oils will look good in matching containers.
The only thing you'll need to buy is a pack of bottle pourer spouts. A 2-pack of stainless steel spouts costs $4.99 on Amazon, and they'll fit snugly in the mouth of a standard wine bottle.
Repurposed wine bottles are also perfect for preserving peppers; just slice up some chiles, stick them in the bottle, then fill it with rice vinegar for a spicy pickled creation.
You could also use empty wine bottles for decanting homemade infused liquors. Simply pick a neutral spirit like vodka or gin and infuse it with the ingredients of your choice.