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The Ladle Trick For Removing Extra Grease From Stew
If you’ve ever cooked stew, you may have noticed a layer of fat on the surface that, if not properly removed, can affect the texture, taste, and calorie levels of your dish. This excess grease is typically from fatty cuts of meat and slowly skimming the fat off can be a pain; luckily, there is a simple trick for such a greasy conundrum.
In a TikTok video shared by brunchwithbabs, who describes herself as “everyone’s grandmother,” a ladle full of ice cubes is lowered onto the surface of a stew, but not enough for the ice to spill out. After the ladle rests on the surface for a few moments, it’s lifted up to show the grease coated on the bottom, before being wiped off with a paper towel.
The user explains that “the cold from the ice is going to attract all that grease.” Kitchn notes that this trick works best for broths with a thick texture or ones loaded with fat and/or oil, but if you have a lighter broth, place an ice cube directly into the stew, which will “coagulate the fat” to be fished out, per An Inexact Science.