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The Label Messaging To Look Out For When Buying Tequila
When shopping for tequila, it can be tough to make the right choice by simply looking at the bottle. It helps to know what certain terms on a tequila label actually mean, and this is what to look for to ensure that you're buying the highest-quality brands with no filler ingredients.
Official regulations dictate that a spirit has to be made from 51% agave in order to legally be called "tequila," but the best tequilas are made entirely from agave syrup, with no other alcohol or sugars added. Any tequila labeled "100% de agave" is made with only agave, and will likely be of higher quality.
Additives in tequila that are not 100% agave can take a few forms; some are added for color or aroma, while different syrups may lend different flavors. The sugars used to ferment the alcohol may also come from cane sugar or corn syrup instead of agave, which detracts from tequila's natural flavor.