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The LA Thai Restaurant With An Outdoor 14-Course Feast
Considering that Los Angeles has the largest Thai population in the country, it’s no surprise that some of the best Thai restaurants in the country are also in LA. While you may have heard of restaurants like Love2Eat Thai Bistro and Jitlada Restaurant, one specific Thai restaurant is making waves thanks to chef Justin Pichetrungsi's experimental approach.
Many Thai restaurants feature a group of familiar favorites like Pad Thai and Tom Yum soup, but according to Anajak Thai's website, the Los Angeles restaurant has "zero allegiance to how it's supposed to be." The restaurant has made waves with experimental food, like their weekly Thai Taco Tuesday or #TTT, for which customers line up down the block.
Pichetrungsi took over the restaurant from his parents in 2019 after his father, a Cantonese-Thai immigrant, had a stroke. When Covid-19 struck, Pichetrungsi started playing with taco recipes as part of making family meals for his Oaxacan line cook staff; these experiments eventually led to #TTT and the restaurant’s famous Omakase experience.