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The Korean Steamed Egg Dish You Should Know
Korean BBQ restaurants are enjoying success all across the United States, and if you've gone to one, you've likely eaten side dishes. known as banchan, alongside the main meal. One banchan in particular is unique in taste, texture, and presentation; here's what to know about gyeranjjim, or Korean steamed eggs.
Gyeranjjim is a savory egg custard that is steamed in a ttukbaegi, an earthenware pot, and often topped with scallions, though carrots, onions, and zucchini are also popular additions. Many gyeranjjim feature the umami flavors of broth, salted shrimp, and sesame oil, while others can be made from just eggs, water, and salt.
The custard's texture is also light, airy, and fluffy, like biting into a cloud, and the unique presentation of gyeranjjim is reminiscent of soufflé, as the bright yellow custard puffs up from the brown or black pot, adding an attractive color contrast. Though this dish can be eaten at any time of day, it is often the last side served in a meal.