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The Kitchen Tool You Should Be Using For The Creamiest Guac
Guacamole is super popular for a reason, with the creamy avocado contrasting deliciously with the sharp bite of fresh garlic and the acidic kick of tomatoes. However, if your homemade guac always comes out a little more chunky than you'd like, have no fear — there’s one kitchen tool that will create the silkiest dip every time.
Using a potato ricer — an tool that looks like an enlarged garlic press — is be the cure for chunky guacamole. When the handles of this gadget are pushed together, a plunger pushes the contents of the receptacle through many tiny holes, turning any food that passes through it into silky-smooth perfection.
The potato ricer purees ingredients very thoroughly for the creamiest sauces and dips, including guacamole, and is also time-saving, since ricing the avocados takes virtually no time at all. All the other ingredients can be mixed right into the creamy avocado puree for a super-easy guac that's flawlessly smooth.